Revival Fest


Revival Fest is a modern low-country hoedown. It’s a celebration of things we love deeply in the South: a fresh roasted pig, a steaming hot low-country shrimp boil, locally crafted beers and spirits and a day filled with great music in a truly historic setting.

Savannah, GA

Paving Gravy name origin:

“The name actually came from a dream I had, and I woke up with the phrase ‘Paving Gravy’ on repeat in my head,” Heine said. “I know it’s strange, and we get confused looks pretty much every time we tell people our name. But it’s fitting for the band.

“Paving Gravy conjures images that are both urban (paving) and rural (gravy), and I think the music we play fits right there at that intersection. It’s traditional American old-time, bluegrass and old country music, but with a modern twist. Plus, who doesn’t want to think about a street full of gravy?”

The members of Paving Gravy are all extremely talented and stay busy with various projects.

Zachary Smith, who plays upright bass and clawhammer banjo, Colleen Heine on fiddle and guitar, both are member of The Accomplices. Cory Chambers, on guitar and mandolin, and Jay Rudd, who plays bluegrass banjo, guitar, mandolin and upright bass, are both members of the talented band City Hotel.